Moscow Zen Center

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Beginners and those with already established Zen practice, welcome to our young and modest Moscow Zen Center to practice Japanese Soto Zen or just have together a cup of tea. Practice is free, we welcome donations for tea.

We are famous for our largest Russian city, founded at 1147, our computer learning program and could become even more famous with your way to bring Zen into our everyday life.

You don't need to have some esoteric Buddhist experience to come here. If you don't know something, just pay attention to the advices of people, who started to practice Zen before you.

Address: Moscow, ul.Krasnobogatyrskaya, house 27, apartment 106 (15 minutes from subway station "Preobrazhenskaya Ploshad")
Zazen: Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm
Club day: Saturday, 5-8pm

Phone: +7(495)963-3916, Ilya

Regular Zazen in Moscow

Zazen is a sitting meditation (za), practiced in our school of Buddhism (zen). Regular zazen practice of Moscow Zen Center is keeping in apartments near subway station "Preobrazhenskaya ploshad" at Wednesdays, 6:30pm. If you are a newcomer, please, phone at advance. We'll describe the road and give you instructions, that are needed to begin or refresh zazen practice.

The History of Moscow Zen Center

At May, 2010 Shokan Jordan Thorn, Zen priest of Suzuki Roshi lineage and CFO of San Francisco Zen Center visited Moscow for the first time, at the invitation of Moscow Zen Center.

Since that time Shokan Roshi leads our Zen practice. Students of Moscow Zen Center are granted monthly Skype meetings with our Teacher and have opportunity to visit San Francisco Zen Center to strengthen their practice. You are free to come and practice zazen with us in Moscow Zen Center, even if you have no Zen Teacher yet or whatever religion or school you do belong.

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